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About Me And How I Work

Peter Is natural clairvoyant that picks up and feel things

through my crystal ball and tarot.

These all tools I use connect with including my natural insight.

I do night any information like names , dates of birth or general information. Just have that ability to just see whats going on.

Other Information

What we do is classed as entertainment only.

But this is what we have to say not what we believe .

Payments for -

Private readings / one to one readings in our events /

Psychic tour shows

If its me or any of my readers , we have no idea what comes out in the readings so we say what we feel, sometimes you may not agree what we say  and it can take time to unfold. Because of my experience of looking back as I know so many times how some clients do not believe then it unfolds in the future.

Therefore we do not offer refunds or re - reads. Its our time and energy and being there and giving what we feel. We in a unique business and I as I always say ( you are living into today and we are seeing tomorrow , and you can not see tomorrow like we do. )

Hope you can understand this as we look at it from our point of view.

Plus with shows we can not promise everyone a reading/connection

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