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Black Obsidian is a powerful and protective crystal that has been used for centuries for various purposes. Here are some key aspects of Black Obsidian crystal:

1. **Protection**: Black Obsidian is known for its strong protective properties, shielding against negativity and energy vampires. It creates a protective shield around the aura, preventing psychic attacks and negative energies from affecting you.

2. **Grounding**: This crystal is deeply grounding, helping you stay rooted and connected to the Earth. It can assist in keeping you focused, balanced, and present in the moment.

3. **Insight and Transformation**: Black Obsidian encourages self-reflection and helps in revealing truths and insights about yourself. It has the power to bring deep-seated emotions and issues to the surface for healing and transformation.

4. **Release of Negative Energy**: It is excellent for releasing emotional blockages, past traumas, and negative patterns. Black Obsidian encourages you to confront and let go of what no longer serves you.

5. **Chakra**: Black Obsidian is often associated with the Root Chakra due to its grounding and protective properties. It helps in clearing blockages in the Root Chakra and strengthening your foundation.

Overall, Black Obsidian is a potent crystal that can assist you in various aspects of self-discovery, protection, and personal growth.

Black Obsidian is believed to possess various healing properties. Some of the common healing properties associated with Black Obsidian crystal are:

1. **Emotional Healing**: Black Obsidian is thought to help release negative emotions, such as anger, fear, and resentment. It assists in bringing underlying issues and emotions to the surface for healing and transformation.

2. **Psychological Protection**: This crystal is said to create a shield against negative energies and psychic attacks. It helps in keeping one grounded and protected from external influences.

3. **Grounding**: Black Obsidian is believed to have grounding properties that can help stabilize emotions and provide a sense of security. It aids in connecting with the Earth's energy and promoting a balanced state of mind.

4. **Self-Discovery**: Black Obsidian is often used as a tool for self-reflection and introspection. It encourages deep inner exploration, revealing truths about oneself and assisting in personal growth.

5. **Detoxification**: Some believe that Black Obsidian can help in detoxifying the body by drawing out negative energies and impurities.

These are just some of the healing properties associated with Black Obsidian crystal, and individual experiences may vary.

Chakra root

Astrological Sagittarius and Scorpio

Origin volcanic regions

Black Obsidian Bracelet 10 mm aprox

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