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Malachite & Chrysocolla bracelet 7 mm

is an excellent stone for meditation making it easier for us to experience visualisations. It also stimulates our dreams and makes the recalling of them more vivid and it helps us to realise that there is much more to this world than the possession of material things.

Azurite malachite chrysocolla meaning. The two gemstones combines the bold dynamic energy of green Malachite with the serene and balanced energy of blue chrysocolla. It dissolves negativity and fear and can be used to ground and cleanse our energetic fields.

It is used to treat stomach cramps, including those tied to the reproductive system and those caused by indigestion. The stone is said to be especially good for treating stress-related illnesses.

Chakra heart

Astrological Capricorn and Scorpio

Origin. Congo

Chrysocolla Malchite bracelet 7 mm

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