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Stalactite crystal

977g in weight

This is a stone that is associated with hidden inner growth and secret expansion of the higher self. Healing properties and benefits of a Stalactite crystal cluster: It enhances learning abilities. It helps in reducing fear and stress, and removes negative energies.

This crystal is known for its powerful ability to draw in high vibrations while uplifting low ones. It also acts as a portal to the Higher Realms, opening up your Crown Chakra and connecting you deeply with Source energy. This crystal is the gemstone embodiment of white spiritual light and will stimulate all of your chakras, from Root to Crown providing powerful amplification for your intentions while inspiring abundant harmony and joy.

These Stalactite of quartz are especially potent because of the stalactites held within them. The gorgeous gems have powerful ancient wisdom and wonder and ready to impart you with the incredible secrets that they hold – simply use for meditation to begin harnessing the magic.

Zodiac cancer

Chakra crown

Originates from Vietnam caves or other caves

Stalactite cluster crystal 997g weight

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