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Staffordshire Tarot Readings

Staffordshire tarot readings

Experienced tarot card reader

Staffordshire Tarot Readings
Tel 07583846626


I am a tarot reader, angel card reader and medium, and I have been interested in spiritual work since I was 21, when I went for my first reading. Tarot is my passion and I have studied and have been reading tarots for over 32 years. With my clairvoyance, I have amazing tools to work with including tarot cards, angel cards, crystal ball and more. 

You are free to ask me questions or sit in silence - it's your reading, and I will work the reading which ever way you want to. 

Peter’s new face to face readings

My place or yours

Tarot reading on all aspects of your life

But aided with different crystals

Peter will read the tarot but will feel energies of crystals

These crystals will also give of healing and you can hold them as well to help bring healing in that area of your life

So Peter is reading you , bringing balance and even giving healing as well


All this is £30

It should be more but these are difficult times so I’m keeping it low in price

Book now £30 a reading

Tel 07583846626

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