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My Name Is Peter Dykes Clairvoyant


These readings are recorded on video

Uploaded to streaming service.

But they are on private link which makes them totally private.

So without the private link you will never see or find the video.


You are not in the reading but i focus on your questions or life and then i send it to you , so you can watch time and time again.

I am Natural Clairvoyant , which enables me to see , hear , feel what’s around you.

The Emphasis with all these skills is I can connect in different ways .

It helps me to guide you to where you are going in life’s situations.


Now therefore Peter Dykes Clairvoyant with his gifts now has the ability to predict timings on certain events around you.

So for e.g. I will draw to a no 6 and this will be a guide to timing

( hours , days , weeks , months)​

This is how my readings my unfold.

I start of with a overview of your life , then I look at different aspect's like , relationships ,work, business, family, money and health etc.

Then towards the end you can ask questions or you can direct the reading.

​To book your​ reading please choose your reading and pay for it, then text or call the number below


All are readings are for entertainment purpose only.



Because Peter is now getting  busier he reorganisng his delivery options


normal booking is delivered in 2 to 3 days aprox ,  normal price


Same day delivery is upto 7pm uk time unless peter has event on (you can website) if there is event on it will be 4pm aprox cut of time. premium price


Priority is the same as same day delivery but bumped to the top of the que. Premium price.


Higest energy is where i only do 1 or 2 a day but its the very first 2 of the day. Then if there few bookings it will roll over to the next day. So maybe waiting list. Premium price

30 min video recorded tarot reading

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